About Kimberley

Hello and Welcome to my Blog! This blog is a combination of both my passion for BuildinKimberley Alexanderg and Art & Design, as those lines blur and cross in my life every day. Let me introduce myself briefly.

I have over 25 years of experience in the construction/development industry and between myself and Kevin, my partner/husband, we bring over 55 years of expertise to our clients.  Alexander Enterprises Construction & Development, Inc. has become known for it’s ability to handle complex construction sites and projects.  We are also experts in loss, due to fire and/or flood, and we work with both insurance companies and homeowners to help make people whole after a major loss.  Kevin is a Master Builder and his dedication to quality and his ability to maximize client’s dollars by his decades of experience has earned him a highly respected place among the Southwest’s finest builders.   Above all else, we value our reputation of total commitment to our clients and to the integrity of their projects.

In addition, I have been obsessed with ART & DESIGN for almost as many years as I am old, but actually I think it started as a child when, by the end of the day, I had changed my outfit a dozen times.  My involvement in big, exciting projects has exposed me to some of the best architects and designers in the industry and, in turn, has given me broad, rich knowledge of innovation in the field.   I have collected art from all over the world but in 2009, I started experimenting with creating some art for myself. And .   I.   Was.   Hooked!  Although I have no gallery, I have sold art to people all over the country.  I create art that speaks to my soul and if others happen to like it, that’s just a bonus.  Art is my “happy place” and I create it simply because I love it.

I started this blog because I wanted a forum to discuss a broad range of topics as they relate to Building, Art and Design for the purpose of bringing new ideas, insights and  information to our clients (and hopefully others) on their journey to create spaces that enhance their lifestyles!